Boiler Installation

We Install boilers to fit everyone’s budgets including Viessmann Worcester & Ideal. We will also fit boilers of your choice and supplied by you. All boiler installations are installed with care and consideration. Top Brand Inhibitors, Magnetic filters, and a proper Powerflush are included in every price. Please see the gallery to see how tidy our work is. We can give up to 5 years warranty this can be extended up to 10 years warranty Parts & Labour on selected boilers. Now that’s peace of mind.

Central Heating Installation

We Install Wet central heating using Viessmann Worcester & Ideal Boilers. We will also fit boilers of your choice and supplied by you. All Heating systems are installed with care and consideration to your home or Business. Magnetic filters and a top brand Inhibitor is included in every price. Please see the gallery to see how tidy our work is. We can give upto 5 years warranty this can be extended up to 10 years warranty Parts & Labour on selected boilers. Now that’s peace of mind.

Gas Cookers

From Range cookers to gas hobs we can fit them.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Inspections + certificate from £65. We have a few Landlords on our books we are there for them 24 hours a day. We also report back on how the tenant is looking after your property.

Bathroom Design & Installation

I love designing and installing Bathrooms. I don’t do it all, I arrange for Professional tillers, electricians, Plasterers to name a few trades. We can’t all be good at everything so I stick to what I’m good at (Plumbing). I will take you through the design and will even meet you at a Bathroom showroom to advise what is best for you. Together we will create a bathroom we will all be happy with.

Gas Repairs

Not only can issues with your gas be frustrating, but if they’re not dealt with then they can be potentially dangerous, too. With this being true, you need to get in touch with professionals who can fix your issue as soon as possible, and our team are the ideal people to get in touch with in this respect. We are always on hand for all of your gas repair needs, meaning that you can be sure that everything is being taken care of in the right way. This peace of mind is more than worth it, so get in touch with us to find out more.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing is an area that can cause problems in many buildings, and it is important that the person trying to fix the issue has the experience to do so. If you need someone with the expertise to help you with your plumbing issues at the moment, then you are sure to be incredibly happy with the service that we offer. We can deal with all manner of plumbing repairs, no matter what size the job, so if there is anything wrong with your system at the moment then get in touch. You will certainly be thrilled once we have finished the work.

Bathroom & Kitchen Installation

We cover all aspects of bathroom and kitchen installation, from design to completion. We can also supply and fit for you, ensuring your new bathroom or kitchen is installed with the minimum of fuss. Whether you just need to change a basin or fit a new door, we can provide the service you need. We are fully trained and Gas Safe Registered, ensuring your peace of mind when we undertake a new installation for you. We fully manage the project from start to finish - leaving you to sit back and relax!

Boiler Replacements

If your boiler is out of date, then you might find that it isn’t as efficient as it could be, and this could waste a lot of money in your home on a daily basis. A new boiler could be a great way to cut back on your monthly bills, and our boiler replacement service can help you to get exactly what you need in this respect. Our team can give you the advice that you need to come to a decision about the type of boiler you’ll have installed and we can get it up and running before you know it, so get in touch today.


There are many different styles of tile to choose from, and making the right choice really can finish a room that you have been working on. With this being true, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our team to ask about the tiling service that we can offer. We are highly skilled in this kind of work, and can promise a great job every time. You are sure to love the results when the work is complete, so if you are looking for a room that you will be pleased with every time you walk inside, our team are there for you.

Power Flushing

As soon as a heating system is completed and filled with water, deterioration of the system begins. The combination of water, air, a mixture of metals, and even installation debris and contaminants, can result in internal corrosion, sludge formation in low flow areas, and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers. Symptoms include cold panels in radiators, blocked radiators, irritating boiler noises, a long recovery time after drawing off hot water, an inadequate water supply, and failure of pumps, radiators, and valves. These problems are not inevitable, and good care and maintenance of a system, and the addition to the heating system of a quality corrosion and scale inhibitor, such as SYSTEMSAFE-DM, will prevent and often cure them. Systemsafe-DM carries the Buildcert/DWTA logo, to show that it has passed a tough corrosion cell test in a laboratory independently monitored by Buildcert to ensure compliance.

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